Naked at the Knife-Edge: Tapping Into Vulnerability and Authenticity at The Top of The World

In each interview he does for his new book, Naked at the Knife-Edge: What Everest Taught Me About Leadership and the Power of Vulnerability, author and adventurer Vivian James Rigney makes one thing clear: “People talk about ‘conquering’ Mount Everest,’’ Rigney told me. “You don’t ‘conquer’ a mountain. You make peace with yourself.’’ Therein lies […]

Father’s Day Gifts From Laces to Hard Seltzer

There still plenty of time to find that “perfect’’ Father’s Day gift. Here are a few of my favorites: WHISKERS LACES Whiskers – maker of men’s and women’s, premium, golf-specific shoelaces – continues to take the PGA Tour by storm with nearly 50 players, plus caddies, wearing myriad colors and unique patterns during tournament weeks. […]