USGA’s partial move to Pinehurst, N.C., projected to be worth $800 million to $2B to local and state economies

The United States Golf Association’s plan to build a second headquarters in Pinehurst, N.C., is part of a new economic development project called “Project Woodpecker.’’ The multi-million incentive package was approved Sept.8 by state and local leaders. Estimates put the economic impact to the state as high as $800 million over the next 10 years. […]

Golf Rounds explode in July, according to Golf Datatech

Not surprisingly, rounds played in the U.S. this past July increased 19.7 percent compared to July 2019, according to Golf Datatech, as pent-up demand for golf surged and golf courses across the country re-opened after the Covid-19 lockdown. Rounds played increased by double-digit percentages, Datatech said, across each region of the country, led by a […]