USGA and R&A Distance of Golf Report: Cleanup on Aisles 1 to 18

The USGA and R&A version of “Trading Places’’ crop report was released today and it’s loaded with authentic golf governing bodies gibberish. The “Distance in Golf’’ update report cites the USGA and R&A continuation to focus on distance and work an to assess “potential future changes that address the long-term cycle of consistent increases in […]

Callaway Golf Says Topgolf’s Funding Needs “Significantly Lower” Than Expected

When Callaway Golf and Topgolf merged in March 2021, Callaway bean counters estimated funding needs for its golf entertainment division to be approximately $325 million. As of year-end 2021, however, Callaway Chief Financial Officer Brian Lynch said Topgolf’s need for funding was “significantly lower’’ due to its faster than expected recovery and strong 2021 performance. […]

Fighting Back Against Wall Street, Callaway Golf to Publish “Comprehensive Sustainability Report,” and hold Investor Day 

Despite record setting revenue and earning numbers the past several quarters, Wall Street continues to show little respect for its stock price. Case in pointL  ELY stock this morning iis trading at $24.30 per share , down from its $25.33 closing price on Feb.10 – the same day Callaway reported record revenue and earnings for […]