Naked at the Knife-Edge: Tapping Into Vulnerability and Authenticity at The Top of The World

In each interview he does for his new book, Naked at the Knife-Edge: What Everest Taught Me About Leadership and the Power of Vulnerability, author and adventurer Vivian James Rigney makes one thing clear: “People talk about ‘conquering’ Mount Everest,’’ Rigney told me. “You don’t ‘conquer’ a mountain. You make peace with yourself.’’ Therein lies […]

Growing up Nicklaus: A son’s tribute to his famous father

  Theodore Roosevelt once said that “tasks connected with the home are the fundamental tasks of humanity.’’ Whether or not Jack Nicklaus ever read that quote from the man his sons called “The Lion,’’ is not as important as the fact that Nicklaus, known the world over as “The Golden Bear,’’ lived TR’s philosophy when […]