Julia & Henry’s Bringing New Entertainment Mission to Downtown Miami

A new epicenter of entertainment, music, and culinary exploration is coming to Downtown Miami. For years, neighborhoods surrounding the city center have developed and boomed, while talk has buzzed around the need for Downtown revitalization. Taking the challenge head-on, Julia & Henry’s entertainment and culinary hub is preparing to open its doors to the public.

Located on 200 E Flagler Street in the heart of one of Downtown’s rare historic landmarks, Julia & Henry’s mission is to invite the community in to honor what Miami has been and celebrate all that it has become.

Behind the scenes, real estate development company Stambul has been converting its vision for positive change into a reality. According to Developer of the project Daniel Peña, Julia & Henry’s was conceptualized with a mission in mind: to meet the needs of the Downtown community while celebrating its rich history.

“Miami deserves a Downtown that represents the city that it is,” said Peña. “We will make an entire block better by saving a 100-year-old building. We are bringing it back to its original use in a modern way. It will put to bed the skepticism and questions on, can Downtown really change? It is the catalyst. Day and night, things will be happening. It will make a big statement that Downtown is revitalized.”

In 1936, the building was home to the third Walgreens built outside of Chicago, but it wasn’t only a pharmacy. It was a community centerpiece offering food and entertainment. Its cruiseship-inspired streamlined modern architecture made each floor its own unique experience. Julia & Henry’s is preserving its structure to honor Miami’s history and showcase its culture, spontaneity, and top quality international and local cuisine.

When the seven-floor establishment fully opens, it will house a variety of entertainment and culinary concepts. The venue will include access to music lounges, recording studios, specialized beer, wine and cocktail bars, a basement speakeasy, a commissary kitchen, and more than 25 culinary spaces created by a line-up of local and globally renowned chefs. Each week a series of events will be coordinated, offering an array of diverse, organically connected adventures.

“We are an all day venue,” said Peña. “The experience will appeal to all five senses. Arrive in the morning, grab breakfast on the go at the outdoor windows that open early, known as the ‘ventanitas,’ or come inside when it opens and check out the cafes and bakeries. Come back for lunch, get some work done at a workspace. Come back with friends for happy hour. Listen to local musicians rehearsing in the recording studios. Have dinner at the rooftop restaurant, serving up cuisine prepared by a Michelin Star chef. Go to the bar in the basement ‘til 4am, then have some arepas. It’s almost a 24-hour venue.”

As Julia & Henry’s has attracted a wide variety of talent, King Goose Hospitality has been functioning as the operator behind the project, cultivating a cohesive experience within the building. According to Andrea Petersen, CEO of KGH, she looks forward to Julia & Henry’s representing Miami’s development into a metropolitan city that has attracted talent from around the world.

“Julia & Henry’s is the perfect way that anyone coming from anywhere can experience what Miami has become – an entertainment and culinary center that represents all the cultures, regions, and talent who come in,” said Petersen. “It is all about quality and excellence presented in an accessible, casual setting. It’s a distinctive quality experience that is very aligned with the Downtown crowd. It is a place where locals will gather, and a place where tourists will come to feel like locals.”


Photos Courtesy of King Goose Hospitality

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