A Guide to Summer Travel Products


Welcome to Summer 2022. With people finally getting out to travel again, here’s a look at some of my favorite travel-related products to get you through the summer and beyond.

QuietOn 3

The company says these are the only earbuds you can actually sleep with..

The earbud design, according to the company, uses analog technology for the best possible cancellation – no DSP, no digital, no radiation. The battery lasts for about 28 hours on a single charge. $269.


Old Trapper Jerky

The country’s second-largest beef jerky manufacturer produces tasty products. Old Trapper’s 18-ounce bags of beef jerky ($21.99) is its largest package on the market to date, Old Trapper’s signature flavors include Old Fashioned, Peppered, Teriyaki and Hot & Spicy (my favorite).


PlaneAire Hands


Your hands get dry from hand washing, so PlaneAire Hands a new vegan, moisturizing, nourishing and germ-killing experience puts you in, well, good hands. 

PlaneAire features a plant-based hygiene products suitable for adults and children. The company says its allows travelers to sanitize harmful bacteria and germs on-the-go with a blend for every bag. PlaneAire says purposeful blends of vibrant essential oils, from carrot seed to cardamom, also has multiple benefits on the skin.

Puffer Hug

An alternative to a bulky coat or jacket, the Puffer Hug is a cozy wrap featuring oversized pockets for hands, phone,etc. Available for men and women in three colors:  Black/Black, Gray/Yellow and Red/Gray. www.puffergug.com.


Fend Wellness Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts

These are great for everything from wiping down a hotel room to wiping down your suitcase. The company says the  Fend Wellness Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts. are the first wearable hand mitt wipes that provide a protective liner between you and all surfaces that come in contact with your hands. This wearable, multi-use sanitizing mitt, the company says, kills germs and 99.9% of bacteria on your hands with its 75% alcohol sanitizing solution. ideal for travelers who are worried about airport/hotel germs, sanitizing efforts, and fending off bacteria.

Available in re-sealable two- pack bundles, 10 packs and full cases.


Wildland Coffee

Even for those (like me) who aren’t coffee drinkers,, Wildland Coffee is a tasty and convenient alternative to bad-tasting instant coffee and clunky coffee equipment like pour overs and French presses. These compostable coffee pouches contain fresh ground coffee and are super easy to use. Simply steep the coffee bag in hot water as you would tea for 5-8 minutes. Available a light, medium, and dark roast..


A good way to get into CBD products,  Hhemp.co says its products are lab-tested, farm-direct premium products offered at an affordable price. Hhemp.co products are currently available in 5,000+ retail stores nationwide.









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