Faust Named President of Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators

Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators, builder, designer and installer of golf simulator hardware and technology, has named industry veteran Trevor Faust its new president. Faust brings more than 15 years of progressive entrepreneurial management experience, from general manager roles to executive sales posts with strategic and business development responsibilities focused on revenue growth.

“We’re excited about the direction Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators are poised to take with the direction, experience and industry savvy of our new company President Trevor Faust,” said  Co-Founder Joe Neumeyer. “We couldn’t have asked for someone more ideally suited to this role. Trevor knows how to sell, market and fulfill world-class indoor experiences like few others in this business. His energy and ingenuity will help drive our success as the Ace and Gimme become more household names in indoor golf.”

Faust has been a trailblazer in the indoor golf space since 2004. He has been president of Mobile Golf Experiences since 2012 and was Vice President of Global Sales for OptiShot from 2016 to until he joined Ace/Gimme. Faust was also Midwest Sales Manager for TrackMan from 2012 to 2016 and served on the sales and strategic account management teams for aboutGolf Limited for eight years. He is positioned to help take Ace Indoor Golf, a best-in-class installer of purpose-built golf simulators and the consumer- and DIY-focused Gimme Simulators to the next level.

“Ace Indoor Golf is positioned very well within the industry, and has tremendous growth potential,” Faust said. “While golf industry veterans know us well, average golfers looking to install an indoor golf solution don’t fully comprehend the reach Ace Indoor Golf has within the space. Indoor golf is evolving and becoming more commonplace. We want to be a part of it from the initial design phase through the build-out. We are confident we can deliver world class solutions based on the client’s desired budget or cosmetic needs.”

The company has installed more than 1,000 simulators in the commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators can customize products to meet customers’ specific demands.

 Faust said the Gimme Simulator side of the business has huge potential for expansion, based on the popularity of in-home simulators and emerging technology that will make residential indoor golf more accessible.

“Gimme Simulators is really designed for the DIY client and will evolve to include many more accessories to accommodate whatever needs consumers have – that’s a huge area of growth for us going forward,” Faust says. “Fifteen or 20 years ago, there was a far smaller portion of the golfing public with home simulators. Whereas today, that number has grown drastically. We feel like Gimme can be a solid resource, with video content and information to allow people to more easily achieve those types of goals.”

Photo: Trevor Faust (Ace Indoor Golf)

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