Heavenly Spa at Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Pampers Body and Soul

These are the “dog days’’ of summer, but that doesn’t mean that every dog can’t have his – or her – own day.


With that in mind, I give you the Heavenly Spa at The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and its men’s Twin Turbo Body Booster with Hyperice Percussion Therapy. It’s the latest addition to the Spa’s deep and innovative menu of treatments.


The Twin Turbo Body Booster treatment, said Director of Spa and Fitness Ashley Spurlock, is the “ultimate performance remedy,’’ as it includes a turbo body scrub with traditional massage and stretching techniques amplified with the power of the Hyperice Hypervolt percussion device.


“Its use is popular among performance athletes and now it is making its way into the spa treatment room,’’ Spurlock said. “It doesn’t take away from the hands-on experience, but adds to its benefits. Whether you have chronic pain or recovering from a workout, this one is going to leave your muscles nice and loose like nothing you’ve experienced.’’


Indeed. The Twin Turbo Booster therapy is a terrific addition to the Heavenly Spa’s menu that includes treatments such as “Too Much Fun in the Sun,’’ and “Surf and Sand Body Buff.’’ The “Better in the Buff” deep-cleaning massage is among the more popular men’s treatments.


“We first made a commitment to offer men’s-only offerings a couple years ago when we brought in Pure Fiji’s Mana’ia men’s line,’’ Spurlock said. “The line is featured in our “Power Hour Massage,’’ “Better in the Buff’’ body treatment and “Nails and Ales’’ mani/pedi that includes a locally brewed Funky Buddha Floridian citrus craft beer.


“We’ve definitely seen a lot more men take advantage of body treatments and nail services since introducing these services. The new Jack Black treatments reflect our commitment to making the spa lifestyle readily available to men. By expanding our unique menu of offerings, I definitely believe we’ll lure even more male clientele to the spa.’’


Spurlock, who introduced Jack Black skincare products to the Heavenly Spa this past June, created the “Men’s Hand Healer’’ manicure treatment after Jack Black’s popular Industrial Strength Hand Healer.


“My fiancé is a BMW collision repair specialist. Unfortunately, his hands take a beating and are rough and callused,’’ Spurlock said. “They don’t look or feel as luxurious as the cars he works on by day and drives home at night.


“Guys have a certain image they want to portray. The manicure I created is inspired for every hard-working man who deserves to look and feel good. The hand healer consistency is thicker – like a butter – but does not leave a greasy feeling. We pair it with a warm essential glove treatment that further conditions and hydrates the skin.’’


The Heavenly Spa’s most popular treatment – for men and women? The CBD Muscle Pain Relief massage.


“We launched the treatment last summer when we reopened (from COVID-19) and it’s done phenomenal,’’ Spurlock said. “Guests can customize massage pressure from medium to firm touch and receive the benefits of CBD massage oil along with a spot treatment of aches and pains with our CBD muscle cooling gel.’’


Regardless of the treatments, Spurlock said, the overriding goal of the Heavenly Spa is to provide a “fun, memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests whether they spend an hour or a day with us.’’


“We speak with them to determine their goals for their visit, whether it be addressing a skin concern with a results-oriented treatment, providing pain relief or just a day of relaxation,’’ she said. “We provide a safe and quiet place where they can be themselves, have no worries, no deadlines, stress or pain. We do our best to help them forget about their troubles or who they have to take care of, and let us take care of them. I always say if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your loved ones.’’

Photo Credits: The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort


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