Tour Edge Golf Launches Limited Edition Pro 721 Series of Metals

Tour Edge Golf, one of the hottest and more innovative companies in the golf equipment industry, today introduced its Limited Edition Exotics Pro 721 Series: the Pro 721 Driver (440cc), Pro 721 Fairway and Pro 721 Hybrid.

Only 1000 of each will be made available to the end consumer in this special small batch “Straight from the Tour Van” series.

The company says the more-forward Center of Gravity (CG) Pro 721 metals were designed for the players with faster club head speeds to produce low-spinning, penetrating shots.

The all-new designs, according to Tour Edge, feature more compact heads and with deeper faces that sit open at address for the driver/fairway and perfectly square at address for the hybrid.

The metal woods showcase the Tour Edge’s popular Ridgeback support system in a new matte finish on the driver and fairway metals, while the hybrid features a matte finish stainless steel crown.

The Pro 721 metals were designed with the feedback from the 120 PGA Tour professionals who have played Tour Edge over the past few seasons, including over 25 players who have put Exotics drivers in tournament play.

“We’ve become the leader in low spin technology and Pro 721 is taking that to a new level,” said Tour Edge Founder and Master Club Designer David Glod. “These designs lead to penetrating shots with an extremely tight dispersion that maxes out distance, while still offering healthy launch angles.

“With the Exotics C721 driver, we already offer one of the lower spinning heads on the market. The Pro 721 is a smaller head designed for extreme speed, so we’re talking about 400 RPM’s lower than the C721 that has been

testing as one of the best performing drivers on the market for a wide array of players. I do not think you will find many lower spinning driver heads out there in comparison to the Pro 721.”


Photos Courtesy of Tour Edge Golf


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