Beyondish.com: A web site for people who like to travel and eat

Ken Carlton is an accomplished speech writer and author, but ask him to describe himself and you’ll get this response: “I’m just a dude who travels and eats and runs a company.’’

That company is www.beyondish.com a food-centric web site designed for foodies who like to show off their hometown restaurants and flavors, and who enjoy exploring the culinary cultures across the country.

“I made my way as a writer,’’ said Carlton, who worked with the producers on the Oscar-winning film, “Babette’s Feast,’’ as well as written speeches for Time and Fortune Inc. “My hobby has been driving the back roads of America. I do a lot of eating. I’ve found that you meet people at places where you get genuine food.’’

With that in mind, Beyondish.com, which was created in early 2020, offers restaurant and menu guides in cities such as San Antonio, Orlando, Charleston, S.C., Louisville and San Diego. Carlton, however, accepts reviews from any city – large and small – in the U.S.

Informative and fast-paced, Beyondish.com is a kind of “anti-Yelp,’’ in which reviews are limited to four sentences and pictures limited to only one per review.

“You should be able to read (a review) while standing and waiting for a table,’’ Carlton said. “The original concept was for Beyondish.com to be for the road warrior and business traveler. But after the (Covid-19) shut down, we have a chance to showcase the people who are doing all the works at a restaurant, a food truck or wherever they are selling food.

“There are so many good people and good stories… we’re trying to shine a light on them.’’




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