Moab Adventure Center anticipating record breaking business this summer


As the COVID-19 post-lockdown continues to open up travel, Moab (Utah) Adventure Center says it anticipates breaking visitor records when it comes to servicing recreational groups this upcoming season. Moab Adventure Center is a division of Western River Expeditions (http://www.westernriver.com/) an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations and offices in Moab and Fredonia, AZ.

As of early spring, Moab Adventure Center reports that inquiries from group travel planners are running strong.

“When our team plans for and then escorts a group, we free up group leaders to focus on the needs of individuals in their group. We expect to see over-exuberance on full display after months of pandemic-related constraints,” said Lecy Gillespie, Reservations Manager for Moab Adventure Center.

One of the more popular adventures, of course, is rafting in Moab. Offering multiple full and half-day trip options, the company has added guides, equipment and launches to accommodate the expected increase in demand in 2021.

“The river is the best place to be during the hot summer months and truly becomes an oasis after time spent hiking and exploring,” Gillespie said.

“And one of our best-loved adventures is a Hummer Safari on the technical Hell’s Revenge trail. You can choose where to sit in the Hummer to determine the thrill level of the trip. If you are a bit uneasy around heights or feel nervous at all, the passenger seat or middle row is for you! If you’re looking for a thrilling slow-moving rollercoaster ride, the back row is the place you’ll want to be.”

Feature Photo Credit: Moab Adventure Center

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