Quore Opens Liquor-Infused Gelato Boutique store in Hollywood Beach, Fl.

Here’s a good (and delicious) way to ease into a South Florida summer. Quore, which serves some of the best liquor-infused gelato in SoFla., has opened a new location in Hollywood Beach, to go with its location in the Aventura Mall.

For a great Happy Hour experience (4 pm to 7 pm daily), guests can find specials – while still getting buzzed – thanks to its premium boozy gelato, and with its 5% ABV. In layman’s terms, a pint of gelato is roughly that of a pint of beer. Find your favorite names in liquor like Don Julio, Hendrick’s Gin, Patron, Grey Goose and fuse with its complementing gelato counterpart.

Just a reminder: Gelato is lighter and contains less fat than regular ice cream. I’m not much a dessert guy, but for Quore, I’ll make an exception.


Photo Credit: Carma Connected

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