Honma Golf’s T//World GS family takes game improvement to next level


Honma Golf’s new ’s T//World GS (Gain Speed) family of metal woods, hybrids and irons is the latest example of the company’s commitment to the “game improvement’’ market. Best known for its clubs aimed at better players, Honma made inroads into the game improvement market in 2019 with the launch of the T//World XP-1. The GS line replaces the XP-1 line and is designed to help players gain speed and distance.

“The goal is always to reach new audiences and widen the availability of our product line to golfers of any ability,’’ said Honma Golf Product Manager Preston Toulon. “The XP-1 was our first legitimate, targeted foray into the game improvement space, and with GS we hope to widen that scope. Many people feel Honma clubs are targeted more at accomplished, advanced golfers, but GS intends to bring that handcrafted Honma nature to golfers of any skill level.’’

Begin with the T//World GS 460cc driver, a handsome club that is shaped with a raised Keel Sole towards the heel to promote draw-bias and a lower, deeper CG and high MOI to maximize forgiveness. The nine-gram adjustable weight in the heel allows for individual customization for preferred ball flight. The GS driver’s titanium construction, utilizing Ti811 for the body and a Ti 6-4 face, Toulon said, allowed engineers to sculpt thick and thin allowances throughout the club head for the optimal speed and stability.

The big star in the GS driver is Honma’s new Flip Slot technology, which Toulon said, increases face flex and reduces spin for more speed and forgiveness. The precise location and shape of the forward Toe Slot creates shot-straightening gear effect on off-center hits. Additionally, regardless of where the ball strikes on the club face, the Radial Face dynamically flexes all parts of the club face to harness more speed.

The Radial Face design has rib patterns and variable thickness for a weight efficient design. The ribs, according to Toulon, specifically add strength to the top and bottom of the face to ensure hits obtain advanced flex and speed.

“Flip Slot is interesting because it kind of brings technological elements from XP-1 and BERES and combines them,’’ he said. “Our XP-1 driver featured that double slot running along the leading edge and our BERES products got a little wider in the heel and toe parts of the sole. We figured there might be some benefit in working to combine those elements and our engineers made it happen. We think golfers will really like the marriage of those two pieces of tech.’’

The GS driver ($499) also includes an integrated heel-bias crown graphic applied to encourage golfers to return the club face to square at impact. A key feature in Honma adjustable clubs, the non-rotating hosel, is also featured in the GS driver. The system, Toulon said, keeps the shaft perfectly aligned through all adjustable loft-lie settings, delivering distance and directional consistency for all golfers.

“We wanted to engineer everything possible into the club to encourage a straighter ball flight by eliminating a newer golfer’s most common problem – a slice. While you won’t see many of the internal details that help golfers make contact squarely, you’ll see graphics on the crown that encourage square impact, and you’ll also see a very cool raised keel on the sole that our engineers used to help golfers hit it straighter.’’

Photo Credit: Honma Golf



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