Chef Clay Conley’s Ember Group brings “hybrid dining concept” to South Florida


South Florida-based Ember Group has launched what it terms a new “hybrid dining concept’’ that brings together dishes inspired by its full portfolio of restaurants – for dine-in and dine-out customers –  creating a progressive new space for the team’s multi-cuisine collection of experiences.

A concept born of the increased demand for more take-out and delivery options during the global pandemic, the aptly-named Food and Beverage program is Ember’s answer to a heightened desire among its restaurants’ fans to see a one-stop-shop option inclusive of its full range of menus. Additionally, while delivery business continues to rise, distanced and outdoor dining options have seens full-service guests return at the Group’s restaurants, requiring the company to creatively and efficiently provide a quality culinary and service experiences while also keeping up with the increase in orders.

Clay Conley (Ember Group)

“Before the delivery boom, we were so focused on the full-service experience we were providing at our restaurants that the idea to do something hybrid like this just wasn’t a priority, but the pandemic quickly changed all that,” said Ember Group Chef and Partner Clay Conley “With food quality, efficiency, convenience and expanded options now at the forefront of the consumer experience, a commissary-kitchen-style operation is the perfect way for us to support the growing demand with an elegant solution that delivers everything our patrons want most.”

F&B brings together a collection of dishes from the Group’s celebrated restaurants – Buccan and Imoto (Palm Beach) and Grato (West Palm Beach) – with selections on the specially-curated menu, including meatballs, brick-oven pizzas, and penne alla vodka and other pastas from Grato; shortrib empanadas, corn agnolotti with ricotta, bacon and Espelette butter, and a prime beef burger from Buccan; Peking duck spring rolls, the Naturo Maki roll with salmon, tuna, yellowtail and snapper, and the Yaki Udon pork belly from Imoto.

“With F&B, we are essentially straddling the three concepts to offer our guests and neighborhood regulars more options for everyone in the family,” said Ember Group Partner Sam Slattery. “If Mom wants a tuna roll, Dad is craving a burger, and the kids are asking for pizza, everyone will be satisfied with a one stop option.”

F&B will operate out of the Grato kitchen, which Conley said maintains all the necessary equipment to most successfully execute all three concepts, a dining room best suited for distanced dining, and is most centrally-located for faster delivery. Grato’s dine-in guests will be presented with the same menu of options as take-out and delivery customers. Take-out and delivery dishes will be modified to ensure highest quality for travel, while the dishes presented for dine-in will remain unchanged.

The dine-in experience and entire menu of regular options at Buccan and Imoto will remain the same, and customers will still be able to order the full menu of delivery and take-out options directly from both restaurants. F&B is anticipated to reduce wait times for the island establishments by alleviating some of the current delivery demand.

“Our team remains committed to providing the same, quality experience at our Palm Beach restaurants that our guests have always enjoyed, while introducing this new concept to those looking for something that fits their evolving needs,” said Ember Group Partner Piper Quinn. “Ember is built on our talent for innovating, expanding and adapting, and that’s exactly what we are doing with Food and Beverage.”

F&B is opened seven days a week for both dine and delivery. Dine-in hours are 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The restaurant will also offer Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Delivery and takeout is available from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily and is offered exclusively with Delivery.com.



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