Swing Align launches Goal Post training aid for putting instruction

Creators of the Swing Align training aid,  which helps golfers improve and maintain alignment, rotation, swing plane and connection in the golf swing, have launched the company’s first training aid specifically for putting, the Goal Post. A simple and compact learning device, the Goal Post attaches easily to the head of most putters to supply instant feedback on the quality of each stroke as the user develops consistent aim, alignment, path and a square face at impact.

The lightweight Goal Post frame rests across the topline with two alignment posts positioned at the toe and heel of the putter face forming a gate. The Goal Post rewards a square putter face and center-face contact. If the putter face is open or closed, the ball contacts the posts on the takeaway or return stroke and veers off-line, providing instant feedback. Users know they have made a good stroke and square, solid contact when they see the ball clear the posts and roll on the proper line.

“Nearly half the strokes a golfer takes in any given round are putts. If you want lower scores, you have to practice putting with purpose and correct feedback. The Goal Post makes that easy, instructive and fun,” said Swing Align Founder Chris McGinley. “A square putter face at set-up, throughout the stroke, and especially at impact, is going to deliver solid contact, and better roll, every time. With immediate feedback, golfers can groove a consistent stroke to deliver a square face every time.”

McGinley said Goal Post provides immediate feedback on face alignment at address with the device’s bright green posts making it easy to see if the face is square to the target line. To make aiming the face even easier, the adjustable alignment rod attachment hovers above the ball and face of the putter. The combination of three aiming lines (the center alignment rod and the heel and toe posts) maximizes the golfer’s Vernier Acuity – the ability to easily see when multiple line segments become even the slightest bit misaligned. 

The center Alignment Rod mounts on the back and adjusts so regardless of your set-up posture, the length or lie of your putter, it can always be positioned perfectly centered between the two goal posts. As an option, the alignment rod can be lowered closer to the toe to line up with the toe side edge of the putter head to help you see the path of your stroke as you putt.

“Golfers need a guide to help them consistently set-up and deliver the face squarely at impact,’’ McGinley said. “The Goal Post provides a way for you to improve and maintain good putting habits as you develop an understanding and innate feel for their putting stroke. Using the Goal Post over time yields more consistency, more confidence, more holed putts and lower scores.’’

The Goal Post stores easily in your golf bag and is perfectly suited for practice at the course or at home. This highly effective new training aid is available now for $39.95.  For more information on The Goal Post and all Swing Align products, visit swingtrainer.com.



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