Callaway Golf’s’Brewer bullish on 3Q and 4Q product launches

While Covid-19 basically has impacted every part of its business, Callaway Golf Company isn’t waivering much in its new product cadence for the third and fourth quarters of this year.

“We have new product launches planned for the second half of this year, similar to our strategy most years,’’ Callaway CEO Chip Brewer said. “I’m currently planning no change in the cadence of our launches relative to where we have been historically, and listening to competitors, I’m hearing them all return to similar cadences.’’

One of the bigger Covid-19 related challenges in product development, Brewer said, comes from the fact R&D executives inabilities to fly internationaly. Most golf equipment companies – large and small – use the same foundries in China.

“We can’t get into Asia to work with the foundries to develop new product,’’ Brewer said. “We’re getting through that well… but that, plus clogged airfreight channels, might push some of these launches back a month or so. But the timing isn’t way off from last year.’’


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