Prime patio (and cocktail) season at 1000 North in Jupiter, Fla.

Summer is coming, which means prime patio season. With that in mind, 1000 North in Jupiter, Fla., offer waterfront views, a covered terrace, and imaginative cocktails to help guests relax and refresh in true style.

The Shoemaker captures the season in a glass. 1000 North adds Hendrick’s Gin to the cane sugar, mint, fresh lime, and skinned cucumber in their mix. Served on the rocks with a cucumber wheel, this is one cool cocktail.

Satisfy all the senses with the Lu-e. Spicy ginger beer, fresh mint, and Angostura bitters stimulate the olfactory center, while lemon and lime juices quell your thirst.

1000 North upgrades the traditional Paloma, combining Ilegal Mezcal and Riazul blanco tequila. The complex flavors are balanced with grapefruit Lillet and bitters, plus sweet agave.


Social Hour is a perfect time to try one or all of the new summer sips. The menu also offers draft beer, wine, and signature cocktails at reduced prices. Social Hour is Monday through Friday, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in The Tavern and The Terrace.

Feature Photo: The Shoemaker (Wavelength)

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