Duffy’s Sports Grill begins MVB (Most Valuable Burger) Project; introducing “Impossible Burger”

In the largest culinary pivot in its 33-year history, Duffy’s Sports Grill is beginning its search for the Most Valuable Burger, introducing a new burger concept across all of its South Florida locations, including the “Impossible Burger,’’ and launching a new menu.


“We are excited to continue innovating the Sports Grill concept, modeling it to better serve our loyal fan base across Florida,” said Jason Emmett, president of Duffy’s Sports Grill. “We’re focusing on our core, upping our burger game and taking the entire Duffy’s experience to a whole new level.”

Emmett said new concept will pop-up in stores across Florida, beginning Oct. 29. Guests will be greeted by a Craft-Your-Own-Burger pad on the table, which will feature more than 80 options to choose from and thousands of possible burger combinations, starting at $8.99.

Duffy’s MVB (Most Valuable Burger)

Included on the menu are new features, such as a King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll bun and the Impossible Burger, providing a all-new plant based option for Duffy’s guests.

The introduction of the Impossible Burger, Emmett said, gives Duffy’s the distinction of being the first multi-unit concept across Florida to put the California’s start-up burger on their menu. The Impossible Burger has zero cholesterol and, since it’s made from plants, does not contain added hormones or antibiotics. It has no artificial flavors.

“The Impossible Burger is one of those rare menu items that brings new customers in the door and keeps people coming back,” said Impossible Foods Senior Vice President of Sales Stephanie Lind.

Photos: Duffy’s Sports Grill

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