localgreens in Delray Beach provides healthy options for everyone

The best thing about localgreens eatery in Delray Beach is that even hard-core carnivores – I’m included in that category – can get a terrific meal. In other words, don’t let the name fool you. Localgreens, located in the Delray Place, is more than just a haven for vegans and vegetarians.

“We don’t advertise or push that we are vegetarian or vegan,’’ said localgreens General Manager Charlie Busek. “We’ve never had that mindset. We have something for everyone. We’re just health conscious.’’

Indeed, something for everybody – from the cobbocado salad featuring kale, sweet corn and housemade avocado ranch dressing to the Hawaii mang-o rice bowl with mango, cucumber red onions and toasted coconut.


Where’s the beef? You can add stir-fry steak, free-range chicken, as well as vegan chicken strips, citrus shrimp, tuna poke and tofu scramble to any salad, wrap and bowl.

“Everyone has their own way of doing things, so we try to come up with as many ways as we can,’’ Busek said. “We have a very balanced combination of everything. We’re healthy, not boring. That’s why we offer so many ingredients (not to mention popsicles and smoothies). Everything is fresh and local.

“We’ve put a lot of time into it, but it’s all worth it. There’s also a lot of passion, which makes things easier.’’

The most unique part of localgreens, however, isn’t the food, but the way the food is ordered. The restaurant’s ordering kiosks each feature facial recognition technology to identify customers and pull prior orders. Customers can use the kiosk to order “the usual,’’ or mix and match with new orders.


“It gives customers a lot of flexibility,’’ Busek said. “And it provides visuals rather than just looking at words.’’

Guests who want to bypass facial recognition are free to order as normal via the touch-screen’s full menu.  Again, something for everyone.

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