Hangover Helper at Grease Burger Bar in West Palm Beach

A rough hangover is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Well, you might. Either way, Grease Burger Bar’s introduction of the Hangover Burger is the new the go-to-Sunday burger, just in time for New Year’s Eve. Actually, it’s a great burger whether or not you overindulge, and a good reason to visit the restaurant, located on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.


Inspired by Executive Chef Laterence Butts (one of my favorite SoFla burger masters), the 10-ounce Hangover Burger is grilled to perfection, topped with pancetta drunken beer, a thick slice of cheese, and egg sunny-side up. It’s served with a side of jalapeno cheese grits. Pair it up with a spicy Bloody Mary from the bar and you are on your way to a great day (or night) for only $11.95.


If burgers aren’t your thing, Grease Burger also has salads, chicken sandwiches and some outstanding wings, not to mention more than 220 whiskey selections, beer and signature cocktails.

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