PB Catch’s whole fish selections add to its guest-friendly menu

The inside look of PB Catch hasn’t changed, but the addition of the daily whole fresh fish selection is now the first thing guests will see when walking into the popular Palm Beach seafood restaurant.

“This is due in large part to our guests’ request for more whole selections that require simple preparation,’’ PB Catch co-owner Thierry Beaud told me. “What’s new is mainly the whole fish selection which allows customers to have their fish cooked exactly to their liking. We will have a selection of fresh local catch as well as imports every day.’’

Thierry Beaud

 The fresh fish selections, Beaud said, “allows our customers to choose exactly what they want with no frills.’’

Since 2012, Beaud said PB Catch has been sourcing the highest quality of oyster, clams, shrimp and fish.


With the new menu, PB Catch guests can choose what they want for dinner that day. Local freshly-caught whole fish selections will be available for customizing, including yellowtail snapper, hogfish, Thai snapper, rosefish, sheepshead, rouge, and tautog. Others include the Dover Sole, branzino and black cod. Each of the items is sold at every-day market price.

“So far, the most popular dishes are the bay scallop appetizer, stone crabs and of course, the whole fish,’’ Beaud said.

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