A ghostly tale from the Fairmont Banff Springs

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a spirited tale (pardon the pun) from one of Canada’s most beloved golf resorts.

Fairmont Banff Springs also is known as the “Castle in the Rockies,’’ so like any good castle, the hotel has a few ghostly legends. One with particular interest to golfers involves the story of a young bride and a now lonely stair case near where the golf course shuttle picks up and drops off players on their way to and from the resort’s famed Stanley Thompson Golf Course.

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Decades ago, the lobby of the hotel was not where it exists today. Rather, it occupied the space directly behind the shuttle stop. A beautiful staircase, led from the lobby to the banquet rooms above. As the story goes, the bride was descending the stairs in her gown on the night of her wedding. Tragically, she tripped on her dress, tumbled down the steep steps and died instantly.

Today, this corner of the resort does have a lonely, forelorn feeling late at night when most guests have gone to bed. Several staff members swear whispers and footsteps can be heard on these little used stairs. Some even claim to have caught a glimpse of the bride in her wedding dress.

Though the course is now closed until spring, if you make the trek to Banff this coming golf season (and you truly should), take a moment before heading to the course and explore the stairwell for yourself – if you dare.

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