Choose your own lunch at The Regional Kitchen & Public House in West Palm Beach

Memorial Day weekends are supposed to be All-American affairs. With that in mind, I bring you Chef Lindsay Autry, an All-American girl and chef with a flair for All-American cuisine.

North Carolina born and bred, Autry is executive chef at The Regional Kitchen & Public House in West Palm Beach. The Regional, near the entrance to West Palm Beach’s CityPlace dining and entertainment district, opened to rave reviews slightly more than eight months ago. Praises for the restaurant haven’t stopped, and neither has Autry, who knows the past eight months are only the beginning.


“We are still new,’’ she said. “Not everybody knows us yet.’’

The best way to get to know The Regional? It might be at lunch, where Autry’s menu – in addition to her signature must-have Pimento Cheese dip made table side – features a “Meat n’ Three’’ option whereby guests can order one protein, such as a fried chicken breast (my favorite), herb-roasted salmon and grilled skirt steak toast, along with three sides, including deviled eggs, braised peas and greens, Brunswick strew and marinated Florida tomato salad.

“In the South, there a lot of diners,’’ Autry said. “I think that with lunch, people know what they want. They want a salad or a piece of chicken or fish or fruit. It’s different from dinner, which is more composed.

“I wanted to create a menu that people could make their own – they could come here a few times a week and have something different each time. Growing up in the South, I really like the ‘Meat n’ Three’ concept.’’’

Try it for lunch next time at The Regional. I’m sure you will like it, too.

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