Arnold Palmer – Forever The King

The last time I saw Arnold Palmer was about 15 months ago at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando. It was the King’s winter home and there was hardly a day that went by when he wasn’t in his office or in the dining room.

On this day,  he was in the Lodge, which features a great set of guest rooms perfect for golf buddy trips and golf getaways.


I walked up to the legend near the Lodge’s front desk and said: “Mr. Palmer, I’m Steve Pike. It’s good to see you again sir.

Mr. Palmer shook my hand and replied: “Steve, how long have I known you?”

I said: “More than 20 years.”

Mr. Palmer: “And what have I always told you to call me?”

I gulped: “Arnold.”

Mr. Palmer: “You’re damn right.”

I said. “Yes sir, Mr. Palmer.”

Now I’m saying goodbye, Mr. Palmer.



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