215 Speakeasy at Dorrian’s Red Hand brings back days of vintage drinking establishments

Speakeasy’s are trending these days as many bars and pubs are trying to create – ore re-create – the the legendary drinking venues of the 1920s and ‘30s. Nobody does it better than Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C., whose downstairs Speakeasy serves specialty drinks to guests at only a few tables. The Apothecary, […]

Dorrian’s Red Hand restaurant in West Palm Beach names Gary Merron as executive chef

Dorrian’s Red Hand restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach has named Gary Merron as its executive chef. Merron, a long-time talent for Dorrian’s Restaurants, once served as chef for the original, legendary Dorrian’s of New York City’s Upper East Side. Merron started his career in the culinary field in Queens, New York as a dishwasher […]