Clearwater (Fl.) Marine Aquarium hosting immersive whale experience

The Clearwater (Fl.) Marine Aquarium this Spring through Fall will host a fully immersive new exhibition that explores the world of these marine mammals.

Whales: Living with Giants will occupy 20,000 square feet in CMA’s newly expanded visitor center. The activities include multi-media exhibits, a virtual reality experience, walk-through life size whale gallery, kid’s interactive zone, and a theater featuring whale related films and speakers.

“This exhibit brings our guests into an undersea experience where they come eye to eye with a wide variety of whale species found in Florida waters,” said Dr. James “Buddy” Powell, executive director of CMA’s Research Institute. “It’s especially timely with the recent ground-breaking discovery of an entirely new whale species not far from CMA off the Florida gulf coast. “The discovery of the Rice’s whale, previously thought to be a type of Brydes whale, and the fact that it is already considered endangered is a stark reminder of how much we still have to learn from these beautiful creatures and the impact they have on our shared environment.”

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is also partnering with virtual reality entertainment group, Immotion, to bring a fully-immersive VR theatre complete with motion-platform seating to CMA during the exhibit. Guests will take on the role of marine biologists to observe and be immersed among wild, giant Humpback whales by way of virtual reality. An interactive pre-show area primes the guests with information about the animals before they embark on their adventure.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium recently underwent an $80 million expansion project complete with a visitor center and 1.5 million gallon dolphin habitat which opened to the public in October.


Feature Photo Credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium

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