Bridgestone Golf debuts e12 CONTACT ball for Feb. 26 delivery

By Steve Pike

COVINGTON, Ga. – Bridgestone Golf’s new e12 CONTACT will be ball will be available Feb. 26 at a street price of $29.99 per dozen.

Bridgestone Golf says the true breakthrough in the e12 CONTACT design is the new CONTACT Force dimple, which features a “unique structure’’ with a raised area in the center and an outer portion that slows sidespin during flight. The raised area of the new dimple, according to the company, allows for 38 percent more contact with the clubface at impact than traditional dimples, yielding a much more efficient transfer of energy and improved core activation. The result, Bridgestone says, is faster ball speed and more distance with every club in the bag. 

“Bridgestone has long been a pioneer in bringing to market unique dimple shapes, sizes and constructions in the golf industry, but up until this point that has primarily been a means of achieving optimal aerodynamic performance,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager for Bridgestone Golf.  “In the new e12 CONTACT, dimples actually serve as a source of increased power and distance as well. They also contribute to minimizing hooks and slices, making the newest e12 a golf ball that provides performance you can actually see in terms of straight distance.” 

“REACTIV was our first significant foray into increasing performance through contact science,” said Dan Murphy, President and CEO of Bridgestone Golf. “Now our engineers have determined that with the cutting-edge CONTACT Force dimple design we can transfer more energy to the core for greater distance while also optimizing aerodynamics to cut down slice and hook spin. It really is an amazing development.”

In addition to white, the three-piece Bridgestone e12 CONTACT will be available in Matte Green, Matte Red and Matte Yellow color options. 

Photo Credit: Bridgestone Golf


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