Wine Me Up at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

There are a lot of perks for Fall and Winter Season guests at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. There’s the weather, the beach, the outstanding Spa and its amenities and a food and beverage programs that are as creative as any resort in South Florida.

This Fall and Winter seasons will be no exceptions. Resort Food and Beverage Manager/Sommelier Pamela Bafumo has curated a number of culinary and cocktail experiences for guests, including Old World vs. New World Wine Tastings; a Great American Whiskey Tasting; an eggnog making class over the Christmas holiday; and a sushi and sake class whereby guests are taught how to create their own sushi rolls.

In addition, Thanksgiving dinners will be hosted at Eau Palm Beach’s Angle and Temple Terrace restaurants, as well as in the Ocean Ballroom and poolside cabanas.

“I work very closely with the chefs when they create the stories for their dishes,’’ Bafumo said.

Each meal, of course, will include selections from Eau Palm Beach’s collections of wines that Bafumo has created during her past two years at the resort. The resort, by the way, recently received the Wine Spectator Award for 2020.

“When I started out, I was just ordering the wines the wines that we had and the one from my predecessors,’’ Bafumo said. “Now I’ve has the chance to re-launch the entire wine list and make sure there is something for everyone’s pallet and every occasion. I’ve made it my own and building off it.’’




Photo: Pamela Bafumo (Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa)




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