Cafe Boulud Palm Beach debuts Fall menus at The Brazilian Court Hotel

Wild game, local shellfish, and cool-weather cooking highlight the Fall menus at Café Boulud Palm Beach at The Brazilian Court hotel. Executive Chef Rick Mace’s has created dinner dishes such as Smoked Quail Ballotine, Butternut Squash Risotto, Scottish Salmon and the classic Coq au Vin.

“I’m always excited to see our Fall menus roll out. It’s my favorite season,’’ Mace said. “I really enjoy sharing the collaborative process with our Executive Sous Chef, Anthony DiGregorio. We’ve been working together for many years.’’

One of Palm Beach’s top restaurants, Café Boulud Palm Beach, which opened in 2003, features indoor dining with an entrance inside the lobby of the luxury boutique Brazilian Court hotel, and an outdoors entrance adjacent to the hotel’s immaculately-landscaped courtyard. Guests dining outdoors have the options of eating at covered tables or in the courtyard.

The Fall menu is the latest example of Mace’s ability to prepare simple dishes to the rhythm of the seasons.

“One perk of being here for as many years as I have (seven) is to continue to showcase local seasonal products and new producers year over year,’’ said Mace, who in 2007 joined Chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurant group as Executive Sous Chef at Daniel Boulud Brasserie at The Wynn Resort Las Vegas. “The overall evolution of the menu has been to become an increasingly approachable restaurant for our guests to come and come back to often.’’

The menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch) also continue to affirm Mace’s place as one of South Florida’s top and more creative chefs.

Chef Rick Mace

“The evolution of a Chef is simply to affirm what you know, explore what is unknown, and have an innate curiosity about the world of food around us.,’’ Mace said. “Café Boulud’s menus have always featured not only French cooking, but cuisines from many cultures, we call ‘Le Voyage.’ This aspect of our restaurant has been the most unique and rewarding part of my tenure here, learning new food as I go.

“The past seven years have given me the greatest volume of time in which to enrich my knowledge of craft and practice technique, all the while being able to teach to an ever-increasing number of cooks that have spent time here.’’

To that end, Mace considers himself a “curator’’ of famed Chef Daniel Boulud’s cuisine.

“Daniel’s cuisine is something that we pay a great amount of respect to, and also to maintain a sense of continuity amongst our other (Boulud) restaurants,’’ Mace said. “Also, we have a special sense of place and a unique identity that are part and parcel of being in Palm Beach. Some of our more iconic dishes are those that have simply stood the test of time and for which there is an ongoing demand. I enjoy exercising my creativity in our market specials, wine dinners, chef’s tables and other one-off menus.

“There has always been a great synergy between The Brazilian Court and Café Boulud. Guests can enjoy a meal or a hotel stay and we will cater to their every need throughout the day here on property. We have always been a well-known events venue, which creates a tremendous energy when the restaurant and the hotel are hosting the same guests. I think that Café Boulud has always been a part of the BCH guest experience and enticing them to choose the property.’’


Feature Photo: Scottish Salmon 

Photo Credit: Cafe Boulud Palm Beach 



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