Vauthy and Hammer giving Red South Beach a new life in South Pointe Drive location

Never one to mince words, Peter Vauthy describes the decision to re-locate his award-winning RED South Beach steakhouse this way:

“We needed a refresh… We needed a new life.’’

Thus Vauthy, Owner/Executive Chef of RED, along with Managing Partner Aaron Hammer, is making the move from RED’s long-time address of Washington Ave., to the former Mira 5 Stars Restaurant location on South Pointe Drive.

The new location, which could be open within the next two weeks, promises all the best of RED’s top-quality steak and sustainable seafood dishes, combined with a new Sunday Brunch, 70-seat outdoor patio, 50-person private room, glassed-in VIP room, signature wine cellar and bar, and bayfront views inside and outside.

“We didn’t have any outdoor seating in the previous location,” Hammer said. “But we had been looking around. When the pandemic hit and inside was restricted, we knew we needed to find a new home.”

Key to that search was the fact that Vauthy and Hammer each wanted to stay in the trendy South of Fifth neighborhood of Miami Beach.

“I’m a known commodity in the SoFi neighborhood” Vauthy said. “I’ve lived here the entire time I’ve been in South Florida, so that was an easy decision to make. This was an easy move. Our new location gives RED a refresh for 2020 and beyond.”

Vauthy and Hammer each have been working overtime to open the restaurant as quickly as possible.

“We’re looking forward to bringing people back and giving them that signature RED experience,’’ Vauthy said.


Photo: Executive Chef Peter Vauthy (left) and Managing Partner Aaron Hammer (Bisteca Hospitality Group).


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