Founders Group To Allow Walking Throughout The Year at its Myrtle Beach golf courses

There is no “silver lining’’ to the Covid-19 pandemic, but for those looking for even a hint of one, they might be able to find it on golf courses. Seems walking has become more popular among golfers in a post-pandemic world – in terms of social distancing and exercise.

So with that in mind, golfers who visit Myrtle Beach will have the option to walk at any Founders Group International course.

Layouts such as TPC Myrtle Beach, King’s North, Pine Lakes and Pawleys Plantation each are now allowing golfers to walk throughout the year. The impetus to permit walking was borne out of the enhanced sanitation protocols FGI has implemented to battle Covid-19.

Founders Group, Myrtle Beach’s largest golf course ownership group, saw improved pace of play after the implementation of the COVID protocols, which wasn’t surprising given the move to single-rider carts and reduction in play. But there were significant numbers of walkers interspersed with the carts and everyone routinely played in less than four hours.

“As rounds increase in the peak seasons, pace of play may naturally slow but walking won’t be the reason,” said Steve Mays, president of Founders Group International. “We certainly anticipate the majority of players will choose to ride in a cart, but for golfers that want to walk – for exercise, for social distancing, or they prefer to play that way – we don’t want to deny them the opportunity. Walking has long been a part of the fabric of the game, and that’s a tradition we are happy to help continue here in Myrtle Beach.”

Founders Collection courses include Aberdeen Country Club, Grande Dunes, Litchfield Country Club, Long Bay Golf Club, King’s North, West Course and SouthCreek at Myrtle Beach National, PineHills and Palmetto courses at Myrtlewood, Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club, Pine Lakes Country Club, River Club, River Hills Golf Club, TPC Myrtle Beach, Tradition Club, Wild Wing Plantation, Willbrook Plantation, and World Tour Golf Links.

Golfers who want to walk will be responsible for carrying their bags or bringing a pull cart. The cost of play won’t be affected by a player’s decision to walk.

Photo: TPC Myrtle Beach (Founders Group International)

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