Sacks Parente Golf lowering putter prices for remainder of 2020

In a move that likely is to be followed by many golf companies – large and small – putter company Sacks Parente Golf Company says it “significantly’’ lowering the prices of each of its putter for the remainder of 2020.


“Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 crisis, we have made the decision to discount the prices of all our putting instruments immediately,” said Tim Triplett, CEO of Sacks Parente Golf. “As we navigate these challenging times, we look forward to beating this virus and playing our favorite game with our favorite putter again soon.”

Each Sacks Parente putter designs feature the company’s Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology, which is defined as a balance point five degrees or less from the sole. This balance point, the company says, creates a natural putter release, squaring the head at impact, even in high stress situations.

In addition, the company says each SPG putter maximizes MOI by combining the use of ultra-light weight alloys and high-density tungsten, to significantly move more weight from the center of the putter to the heel and toe. Each Sacks Parente putter head is reputed to have a higher MOI than most putters available today.

The Sacks Parente line of putters includes the Series 18 Cavity Back Flange Blade, the Series 66 Cavity Back Blade, the Series 39 True Blade and Series 54 Mid-Size (my favorite) and Large Mallet putters.

As part of the new pricing, the Series 18 and Series 66 putters are now discounted from $600 to $479 and the Series 39 and Series 54 putters are now discounted from $600 to $399.


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