Moonfish.com delivers inexpensive airline prices for flights around the country and world

When the travel world returns to some sort of normal following the Coronavirus panic and ensuing bans, lockdowns, etc., the pent-up demand for could be overwhelming for airlines and for fliers seeking good deals.

That’s where Moonfish.com comes in. Developed by a pair of former Facebook executives (George Zeng and Craig Campbell) who built Facebook’s adtech systems and search engine. Seems Zeng and Campbell each were in long-distance relationships, and were frustrated with high-priced, often inconvenient flights.


So, when all else fails, invent something better. That’s what Zeng and Campbell believe they have with Moonfish.com, which Zeng said monitors millions of flight routes to help people find personalized flight deals.

Based in San Francisco, Moonfish.com is a premium subscription service – with a fully featured free plan – but also with more deals and features in a premium plan.

“We help alert you when there are amazing, relevant deals (at up to 90 percent off) from your local airport,’’ Zeng said. “We’re different from other platforms because we look constantly look for millions of flights. It took us about nine months to build with a lot of work done on the back end.’’

Moonfish.com can get as specifics or as broad as a member desires. That is, if a member wants to fly from San Francisco to Tokyo on June 3-10, Moonfish.com finds those flights. But if a member knows he or she wants to travel from a certain airport, say in June, to anywhere in the world, Moonfish.com can do that, too.

Zeng said Moonfish.com tracks all carriers, except Southwest, and currently is live in Detroit, Philly, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Honolulu, Nashville, and Austin metros, with plans to be live in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, Seattle, Miami, Houston, DC, and Portland metros in the coming few weeks.


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