Bridgestone’s Tour B family built for Tiger Woods and the every man

Bridgestone Golf’s new generation of Tour B golf ball hits retail stores and pro shops today, led the Tour B XS – the ball being played this season by Tiger Woods.


Each of the Tour B golf balls (Tour B X, Tour B XS, Tour B RX and Tour B RXS) appeals to a wide variety swing speeds, with the Tour B X and Tour B XS each topping out for players with swing speeds more than 105 miles per hour.


That fits into Woods’ wheelhouse. Even at age 44, Woods’ driver swing speed generally surpasses 120 miles per hour – among the best on the PGA Tour. Woods, according to Elliot Mellow, golf ball marketing manager for Bridgestone Golf, began working with the Tour B XS this past May when he was given five different prototype balls, including one with the new REACTIVE Urethane cover.

The material reacts differently depending on the force of the impact. That is, Bridgestone calls the cover an “impact modifier” to deliver a shock absorbing soft cover on slow impact shots for more spin and control – and high resilience on high impact shots for more power and distance.

“He gravitated to that ball (with the REACTIVE cover) all day,’’ Mellow said. “He said, ‘I can really hit low, spinning shots.’ And he said it felt like it stays on the club face a little bit longer.’’
Woods and the Bridgestone engineers tinkered with some other prototypes before the 15-time Major champion settled on a gamer.

“It has a little firmer cover for more aggressive club head speeds, but it’s a really soft Urethane cover,’’ Mellow said.

The Tour B XS Wood played, Mellow added, is the same that today begins selling at retail.

“We don’t make a prototype spec for him,’’ Mellow said. We set out to make sure the product fit him – and the market, as well. So, it ended up to where that ball produces a lot of spin. And our consumers want a lot of spin. This ball (Tour B XS) fills the need in that market.’’

Photo Credit: Bridgestone Golf


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