Titleist T400 irons deliver on their distance promise

Steve Pelisek, president of Titleist Golf Clubs for the Acushnet Co., doesn’t mind if you refer to the new Titleist T400 irons as “game improvement.’’ Titleist T400 irons are designed to provide moderate swing speed golfers with the most forgiving Titleist ever made.

“It kind of fills the same iron position similar to what the TS1 did in the driver spot,’’ Pelisek said. “It has a big wide sole real fast face, tungsten weighting, and a thin face to generate speed. For every mile you can get in swing speed, get about 1.5 mile per hour in ball speed. That’s a lot.’’


Indeed, the T400, which joins the line of Titleist T100, 200 and 300 irons, is packed with technology. It’s also the easiest iron to hit in the T-Series, with outstanding feel. It has a subtle, progressive blade design and even feels a bit lighter than other irons in the T-Series. The first few swings through the set lets you know why the company calls the T400 its “super distance’’ iron. The ball comes of the forged-face inserts of the 5-7 irons with extreme ease. The short irons, as with most Titleist irons, are straight and accurate.

All of that said, the T400 irons aren’t for everybody. That is, each iron carries a suggested a retail price of $185.50 (steel), which makes a set of seven in the $1,300 range.

“We have a very specific group of golfers that we focus all of our work on,’’ Pelisek said. “Those are dedicated golfers. ‘Dedicated’ is not a skill level – it’s an attitude. We try to build products for as many as these dedicated golfers as we can.’’

The T400 irons certainly meet those needs.

Photo Credit: The Acushnet Company

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