Acushnet Company prepping for mid-2020 launch of Titleist EXP-01 golf ball

Acushnet Company CEO Dave Maher has provided more details on the Titleist EXP-01 golf ball it recently began testing through its trade partners in the U.S. and Canada. The EXP-01 represents Acushnet’s entry into the thermoplastic urethane – or TPU-covered golf ball segment. Look for the company to launch a TPU-covered ball – under the EXP-01 name or another name – sometime in the middle of 2020.


“We have an opportunity to grow our share of that business through this process technology and through what we believe will be a meaningful performance upgrade to our line,’’ Maher said. “So, we’re very excited about it. We have been working on it for quite some time in the lab. We’re not yet prepared to talk about where we go with it because we’ve yet to finalize plans.’’

The Titleist EXP-01, Maher said, is an experimental multi-layer golf ball that delivers low spin on full shots for long-distance, great spin and control and in the quality, consistency, and durability, of every Titleist golf ball.

“We’re testing it in limited quantities,’’ he said. “We’ve positioned it at $39.99, which represents about a 15 percent premium to over Tour Soft model. And that’s in parity with several competitive TPU models in the market. Our thinking there is, we’re committed to establishing a leadership position in this technology, which affords us the opportunity, we think to upgrade golfers who are currently planning up a certain model, either our own or a competitive model or perhaps convert golfers currently planning a competitive TPU-covered golf ball.

“So, as we think about that market opportunity, if you look at the market, call it a retail, $25 to $45, it’s roughly 40 percent of the market opportunity of the total U.S. golf ball market opportunity varies around the world.’’

Photo Credit: The Acushnet Company

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