“Pasta Whisperer” Perrotto will celebrate National Pasta Month at Rose’s Daughter in Delray Beach

Few dishes provide the comfortable feeling of a plate of rigatoni and sauce, a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, or a generous serving of lasagna. Pasta has been a core food for centuries and a staple in many families. Chef Suzanne Perrotto of Rose’s Daughter – the next great restaurant in Delray Beach – is immersed in the tradition and comfort of pasta for decades since preparing and serving it with her mother in their kitchen.


In October, Perrotto – one of South Florida’s top chefs – and Rose’s Daughter will celebrate National Pasta Month with a feast of various pasta dishes and nightly specials throughout the month.

Perrotto, who also owns Brule’ Bistro in Delray Beach, is a “pasta whisperer’’ of sorts, understanding the nuances, characteristics, taste and satisfaction of pasta as taught to her by her mother. As an art form and science, Perrotto creates each pasta dish with a nod to a lifetime of understanding just the proper ratios of ingredients.

“Teaching through understanding is forever,” Perrotto said. “That’s how my mother taught me and that’s how I teach my team. Learn from doing and observing, experience is forever.”

Feature Photo: Libbyvision.com



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