SoFla Gifts for Father’s Day

For those still looking to get dad a Father’s Day gift? Here’s some SoFla suggestions:

HillBilly Bourbon

Featuring four different proofs for every kind of whiskey drinker (70, 86, 90, and 101) and sold in almost every liquor store in the Southeast. With the option to drink it straight or in a variety of cocktails created by the Hillbilly Bourbon team themselves, such as Billy Boucher and Sweet Low Country Tea, this is a sure proof (pardon the pun) gift for father’s everywhere, especially those with southern pride and a love for the outdoors.

Veza Sur Brewing Co.

Photo: Veza Sur Brewing Co. 

Treat dad to a few cold ones and some swag at Miami Wynwood’s Veza Sur Brewing Co. Those who purchase any Veza Sur merchandise (hats and t-shirts) and a 32 or 64 oz. Growler will have it filled with on the house. Veza Sur is perfect for bringing the whole family to celebrate with board games, giant Jenga and bites from the on-site food truck Chi-Fa.


Photo: Aroma360

$100 off for Father’s Day at Aroma360 luxury scenting showroom – with more than 100 signature scents to choose. Choose from the same scents found in luxury hotels or formulas to support relaxation, better sleep or overall well-being. In-Store only.

Recommended scents for men: Russian Roulette, Midnight in Paris, Shadow Dancing, Blue Moon, Back to Black.

Feature Photo: Hillbilly Bourbon


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