Miami artist Latin for Glory to exhibit new Seven Fires series

Miami artist Gloria Hernando of Latin for Glory will be present her new art series, titled “Seven Fires”, a prelude to her new art collection, “Element,” on May 3-19 at the Miami Design District. The exhibit will feature artwork that explores the first of the six elements of Latin for Glory’s collection – fire, light, air, earth, water and metal. This series marks a turning point in her artistic career, being bolder, larger, and more conceptually complex than any other work created.

To celebrate the new personal series, several events will take place at a pop-up in Paradise Plaza over the course of three weekends. The first of which takes place on May 2 – an opening reception where guests will have a multisensory experience of fire with light bites, cocktails and music as curated by Kadoshiro Art Consulting. Attendees will be the first to see the Seven Fires exhibit and meet the artist in person. The exhibition will officially open to the public on May 3 where guests can see the artist painting an art piece live, which will then be revealed at the closing ceremony.


The exhibit also will include seven large-scale paintings, the signature piece Ignis, and supporting pieces, including the “Memory Throne”, a sculpture made in collaboration with the Miami Marine Stadium.

“Seven Fires is my first ever painting collection and it represents the transformation I have experienced in becoming an artist and everything I have let go in this journey, which has evolved into a new light. Art is life, and life is art. My mission is to continue spreading the fire and sparking inspiration in others – so that they may also ignite their personal power,” Latin for Glory said.

A women-driven panel discussion, The Fire Within, will take place on May 11, with industry leaders that will explore different topics. Three women will share their stories, experiences, tips and more on topics that will explore creativity, passion, determination and power, tying into the concept of the art collection: fire.

Latin for Glory is an independent artist, known for the realistic works of art she creates using color pencils on paper. Her main body of work focuses around the Bull – an animal that symbolizes power, energy, and manifestation since prehistoric times.

Photos: Latin for Glory

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