Cobra’s new King F9 Speedback driver big on power, soft on sound

Here’s some nice insight from Tom Olsavsky, VP or research and development at Cobra Golf, on the (lack of) sound in the new Cobra King F9 Speedback driver.

“You want a little crispness and little power, but not too much ‘clackiness,’’’ Olsavsky told me. “We’re trying to get the number at 3,800 hertz, which is the ideal sound for most shots.’’

Hertz, by the way, is a measure of frequency – specifically one cycle per second.

The King F9 Speedback driver, with its CNC Milled Face, Olsavsky said, is right at that number.

“When you start getting lower – like under 3400 hertz – that’s when it starts getting clacky,’’ said Olsavsy, who designed some club fro TaylorMade as well as Cobra. “Engineers have a computer model that they try different (face thicknesses) and different geometries. The computer will spit oy what that range in hertzes is. We do the same thing with out irons, too.’’


Must be working. Cobra already this year as recorded with the King F9 Speedback from Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson.

Feature Photo: Cobra Golf



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