Shore Club South Beach hosting a variety of urban artists for Art Basel

Shore Club South Beach is teaming up with a variety of established and emerging urban artists and brands from around the world to bring guests and Art Basel-goers aone-of-a-kind experience during this year’s art week.

The Art Deco hotel is housing art installations throughout property, showcasing an array of art pieces and immaculate exhibitions from artists including Karen Bystedt, Ailene Fields, Richard X Zawitz, Herbert Galarza, Chad Dorsey, Katy Hirschfeld and Dara Piken. The art will remain on display through Dec. 9 and is be open to the public for viewing.

Here’s a closer look:

Internationally acclaimed and highly prolific photographer, Karen Bystedt is showcasin 12 pieces from her global collection: “The Lost Warhols,” throughout the hotel lobby. “The Lost Warhols” features limited edition rare photographs of Andy Warhol himself, which Bystedt took back in 1982 for her then book-in-progress, “Not Just Another Pretty Face.” Only two of the 36 photos she shot were included in her book, while the rest were placed in storage for the next 25 years until Bystedt unearthed them in 2011. Conceptualizing a new future for her Warhol portraits, Bystedt collaborated with a group of contemporary street and fine artists to breathe new life into her images, thus creating a series of collaborations with an eclectic array of artistic identities known as, “The Lost Warhols.”

NYC sculptor Ailene Fields, known for her statuettes of figurative forms and fantastic creatures, is displaying two of her famed Baba Yaga sculptures across the lobby’s front check-in desk to greet guests upon arrival. Baba Yaga is a Middle European ancient witch that lives in a house made of skulls, with no doors or windows, which moves about on chicken legs and eats those with an unpure heart. Fields’ 19 Baba Yaga Eats series is a commentary on the state of the art world and the cabal of art dealers and critics, museum curators and those obsessed with hype.

Baba Yaga Eats

Artist/craftsman Chadd Dorsey, recognized for creating the most elaborate one of a kind pieces from salvaged trees, is showing a sample of his rustic-styled contemporary art in his TreeUnique Coffee Table Exposition, just beyond the hotel lobby hallway. No two pieces in the collection, are the same.

San Francisco and Hong Kong-based sculptor Richard X. Zawitz, a dedicated proponent of Curvism – an artistic movement, theory, and philosophy that engages the curve as a timeless form – has brought several of his iconic and internationally celebrated sculptures and design pieces to Shore Club, as well as premiering his new line of luxury chairs that fuse the elegance of Curvism with the science of ergonomics and the quality of Italian craftsmanship. Zawitz encourages Basel-goers to explore the realities and opportunities of material form with these Infinity mirrored stainless steel works of art.

Contemporary NYC based artist, Dara Piken, is displaying four of her original art pieces inside of Shore Club’s pool-front restaurant, Diez y Seis. Through the years, Piken’s style and technique have markedly evolved as she has connected her subjects throughout various historical eras, offering surprising juxtapositions in her use of mediums and reworked historical imagery as content. The pieces to be displayed at Diez y Seis gives Basel enthusiasts and hotel guests alike a sincere inside look into how Piken explores irony, sarcasm, and popular culture through her work.

New Jersey born artist, Katy Hirschfeld, is showcasing several of her collage paintings inside of Shore Club by the penthouse elevators. Borrowing allusions to the 90’s, street art, Feminism, and the Seattle Grunge Scene; her obsession to facilitate art freedom, with no creative limits nor uppity standards, and carrying little to no predetermined expectations for each piece to serve its inspirational purpose, will be authentically depicted in all of her works of art displayed.

Shore Club also is hosting a Lavazza Coffee pop-up experience whereby the famed Italian coffee manufacturer will provide free espresso to guests outside of the lobby entrance, on Dec. 6-9 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The hotel’s nightspot, Redroom, which long been home some of Miami’s hottest parties, is also returning for Art Basel (Dec. 7-8) with a series of exclusive events including an invite only party hosted by American magazine of global contemporary design, Surface Magazine, with DJ Mia Moretti on the turntables.

Photos: The Alchemy Agency

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