Art Appreciation Takes Center Stage at Kimpton Angler’s during Art Basel


The newly-renovated Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach will showcase original works by New York-based artist, Steven Rudin, and Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Adam Ross beginning Dec. 3 during Art Basel.


Rudin will Kimpton Angler’s guests during a wine hour/talk on Dec. 6, while exhibiting his large-scale piece “Party in Patchogue” at the hotel. Rudin’s work is a contemporary twist on a 19thCentury genre painting. With its glimmering light and components, the scene portrays a summer day at Kimpton Angler’s.

Rudin creates hand-cut paper collages that celebrate subjective reality with an emphasis on optimism and nostalgia. Visually, Rudin explores the optics of perspective, producing an image that is somewhere between a painting and a photograph. His inspiration comes from the fusion of old masters and high design with a narrative plus movement. Rudin’s collages examine the relationship between memory and identity, as well as how the brain differentiates between dreams, imagination, and experience. He sees collage as a metaphor for how the mind consolidates memories in a way that does not always correlate with logic, space, or time.

Steve Rudin (SteveRudin.com)

Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach is honoring the past and embracing the future in partnership with Avant Gallery, located at EPIC Hotel, Miami and Mugello Gallery, Los Angeles, to present an installation by Ross, who will take over the newly renovated and re-designed hotel space with large-scale renditions of his sculptures and paintings.

Starting Dec. 3, several works by Ross will be intertwined with Kimpton Angler’s exterior, with additional freestanding, and interactive works that can be viewed in direct proximity to the hotel’s restoration in homage to its past.

Ross uses industrial materials to create artworks that convey the passage of time and the turning of trends, such as hotels and their heavily trafficked spaces which accumulate evidence of the relationship between mortal and material that ultimately become coded artifacts.

Ross has drafted several installments of imagined relics of the space, paying tribute to the historical aesthetics of the original Kimpton Angler’s building of the 1930’s and the essence of South Beach. His integration of raw building materials and a carefully interpreted color pallet allows the viewer to interact with the works in an archaeological manner.

Feature Photo: Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach 


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