Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans is all about putting people first

New Orleans’ Windsor Court Hotel has unveiled a $15 million property renovation, including modernizations for the 316 guestrooms and suites, and the grand opening of Waterman Poolside Bar. All of those improvements help reinforce the Windsor Court’s place among the elite hotels in the Crescent City.
But in a way, they’re just window dressing to what makes the Windsor Court really stand out.


“We’re not just a hotel, we’re a home,’’ new General Manager Ralph Mahana told me. “At Windsor Court, our guests are our family, and we cherish our time with them. We strive to help our guests create lasting, meaningful memories, and we truly look forward to welcoming them back to New Orleans. Our team is diverse, approachable and exudes New Orleans’ signature style of non-judgmental, unique hospitality The connections that our guests make with our associates can, and often do, last a lifetime. And the same can be said for our city – once New Orleans seeps into your soul, it’s hard to stay away for very long.’’

Ralph Mahana

Although the Windsor Court opened in 1984 – young by New Orleans standards – Mahana said, the hotel is “deeply rooted’’ in the history and culture of New Orleans.

“We not only know our city and all its best-kept secrets, but we pride ourselves on being New Orleanians – being able to connect our guests to those quintessentially local experiences that extend far beyond the Vieux Carré.

“We have invested more in opportunities to make our guests feel connected, special and appreciated. Travel overall has changed, and we put people over products. Travelers today view luxury as a memorable experience, and it’s no longer just about being pampered and served – it’s about connecting on a higher level to the property, the destination and the people.

“The hotel industry here is booming, but without a doubt, passion and potential trump experience every time – both are vital to building investment within an organization. Genuine care, approachability and hospitality are at the very core of New Orleans culture, and we focus on those values above all else’’

The 2018 makeover comes on the heels of a much larger, $22 million hotel restoration in 2012, which included new décor in the guestrooms, refurbishments in the food and beverage outlets and other public spaces, and the addition of The Spa at Windsor Court.

“This project was rooted in our desire to stay true to our old-world British elegance and classic luxury décor without having any feeling of being dated or antiquated,” Ralph Mahana, GM of the Windsor Court, said in a statement. “By updating and upgrading our furnishings, color palette and bathrooms, our guest rooms and corridors are brighter, more vibrant and refreshing – yet they maintain the charm, style and elegance for which our hotel is known.”

Photos: Windsor Court Hotel


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