Miami Spice an Beyond: Lure Fishbar’s Mendez keeps it simple and fresh

Don’t talk to Chef Reinier Mendez about fancy foods with a lot of sauces and intricate cooking techniques. Mendez, the executive chef at Lure Fishbar at Loews Miami Beach Hotel, likes to keep things simple and fresh.

“I think Miami (restaurants) have been losing a little bit of that freshness and simplicity,’’ the Cuban-born Mendez said. “With all the sauces and molecular things being added, you can’t really enjoy the seafood.’’


Guests don’t have that problem at Lure Fishbar, which might be the best seafood restaurant in all of Miami. From the Shellfish Plateau’s to Four Cheese Lobster Mac, each menu item is fresh, flavorful and beautifully presented.


Shellfish Plateau (Loews Miami Beach Hotel)


Let’s start with the Miami Spice menu, which goes through Sept. 30. Lure always has been a Spice highlight, and this year is no exception.

Mendez has created a Spice menu that includes three appetizer selections, three entrée selections and three desserts choices.

My favorite combination? The eight-piece Chef’s Roll; half-pound Maine lobster stuffed with crab; and banana bread pudding.


“The Stuffed Lobster is a killer dish,’’ Mendez said.

It also shows off Mendez’s signature “simplicity’’ style of cooking.

On the regular menu, Lure Fishbar has the deepest selections of sushi and sashimi in Miami Beach, as well as East Coast and West Coast oysters. Don’t know the difference? Just ask your server.

Lure Fishbar’s signature seafood dish is the

Grilled Whole Daurade (Loews Miami Beach Hotel)

, another example of Mendez’s cooking philosophy. The Daurade is touched up with some salt, lemon and little bit of dressing. Simple enough. For appetizers, you can’t be the Deviled Eggs with American Caviar and the Grilled Octopus.

If you’re looking for something off the main menu, ask for the Dover Sole. Fresh from the Mediterranean, it’s another example of Mendez’s skills with fish, not only on the cooking side, but on the presentation side, which includes an skillful de-boning.

“We do a lot of great things here,’’ Mendez said.

And do it simple and fresh.

Feature Photo: Executive Chef Reinier Mendez 

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