Cool summer cocktails at PGA Commons in PB Gardens

Scorching Florida temps are the perfect excuse to indulge in a cool cocktail. A good place to start )and perhaps finish) is at PGA Commons’ restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


Here’s a look. (All photos by LibbyVision.com)

The Agave Margarita at Prosecco Café traded the traditional margarita recipe for agave tequila and nectar. The mingling of fresh lemon and lime juices – a tad of triple sec whisked with sour mix – is a refreshing tropical cocktail.

Agave Margarita

Spoto’s Oyster Bar is offering the Blackberry Smash, a mix of crisp gin and blackberry brandy, with muddled fresh blackberries and mint, lemon juice, simple syrup, then topped it off with soda. This drinks gives you more than one more reason to love gin.

Blackberry Smash

The Sparkling Kyoto at KabukiSushi-Thai-Tapas is a taste of two worlds that ispleasing to lovers of both wine and cocktails. Sparkling wine, strawberry puree, and St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur make a great presentation. The concoction is poured into a champagne flute and garnished with a fresh strawberry.

Sparkling Kyoto

The Cooper’s Cucumber Southside is a blend of Hendrick’s Gin, touches of simple syrup, fresh lemon and lime juices, sprigs of fresh mint, sliced English cucumber, and a pinch of kosher salt.

Cucumber Southside

Berries in Vic & Angelo’s Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini make a sensational summer drink. Three Olives Citrus Vodka, strawberry puree, V&A’s homemade sour mix, and a splash of simple syrup commingle in a sugar-rimmed glass should make this a popular cocktail.

Strawberry Lemon Drop


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