Square One American Restaurant & Bar delivers classic American cuisine in Boca Raton

You have to love a restaurant that not only has great menus, but also has a great story. Square One American Restaurant & Bar delivers each.

One of Boca Raton’s newest restaurant in the Glades Road corridor near Town Center Mall, Square One delivers outstanding burgers, steaks, pizza and pasta in a friendly and a familiar location. That is, Square One sits on the site of the old Brewzzi restaurant, which for 20 years was a staple of the Glades Road eatery community. Prior to Brewzzi, the building served as a bank. Its underground vault still exists under Square One.


This past March, veteran restaurateurs Eric J. Clark and Chef Jon Greening unveiled Square One, a completely renovated 300-seat restaurant and bar that serves chef-driven cuisine and craft cocktails in a lively neighborhood setting. The $1 million renovation now allows natural light to pour into the restaurant from all angles, which adds to Square One’s ambiance.

“There are a lot of restaurants within 200 yards of us,’’ Clark said. “But we think a lot of them are starting to echo each other.’’

Clark and Greening have made sure Square One marches to its own beat – from its 650-degree brick pizza ovens to its house-made pasta and breads. There’s nothing really “over-the-top’’ about the Square One menus – lunch, brunch and dinner – just classic American cuisine that is expertly prepared and presented.

“We’re not a farm-to-table place,’’ Clark said. “We can’t do everything we need to do in 300 seats, but we believe we have good product.’’

Want proof? Try the 18-ounce, Bone-In Ribeye. Chances are you won’t find a better steak in South Palm Beach County.

Braised Beef Ragu

The BBQ Short Rib Burger is a “must have’’ for burger lovers; the Slow-Braised Ragu is outstanding; and for pizza, go for the Soppresata featuring Calabrese Salami.

Regardless of your choices, you won’t be disappointed with Square One.

Photos: Square One American Restaurant & Bar


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