Thursday nights are made for BBQ at Burger Bar in Palm Beach Gardens

My favorite thing about Thursday was that it’s next to Friday.  But now my favorite thing about Thursday is the weekly Backyard BBQ at Burger Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Although it’s technically not a barbeque restaurant, put Burger Bar’s Thursday Backyard BBQ at the top of the list of outstanding barbeque joints popping up in South Florida. Burger Bar’s St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork with a combination of North Carolina vinegar sauce and South Carolina mustard sauce, and Blackened Cauliflower Mac & Cheese is the perfect menu for outside dining on Burger Bar’s patio with live music playing in the background. Don’t pass on the deviled-egg appetizers, either.


Thursday Night Backyard BBQ is the brainchild of Burger Bar Promotions Manager Michele Moore and the culinary talents of Executive Chef Aaron Neubert.

“It’s simple and delicious,’’ Moore said.

“Barbeque is really in heart,’’ said Neubert, who uses hickory and apple woods in a large electric smoker. “Any day that I can wake up and make barbeque sauce is a good day.’’

The barbeque sauces, as wells the dry rub, each are made in-house and go perfectly with the meats. Neubert makes a Kansas City-style sauce and dry rub for the melt-in-your-mouth St. Louis beef ribs. Neubert said he goes through an average of 45 pounds of ribs each Thursday, mostly in 13-bone slabs.

“My goal is to sell out every service to eliminate waste,’’ he said. “And we’ve pretty much been doing that.’’

As for the pulled pork, Neubert removes most of the fat cap and smokes the pork butt for between 10 and 2 hours.

“I use the North Carolina vinegar sauce to rest it, and for execution on the line, I use the South Carolina mustard sauce,’’ he said.

The result is the zing of the vinegar sauce with the deep richness (and slight kick) of the mustard sauce. It’s a pulled pork dish you likely have never experienced, but once you have, you’ll come back for more.

Burger Bar’s Thursday Night Backyard BBQ is only a few weeks old, but Moore promises it will continue and Neubert is looking to add more items to the menu.

‘’Mainly I wanted to get to get comfortable with the extra prep work and scheduling of smoking,’’ he said. “And just to get used to executing the product on the line for service and feedback from guests to make sure we’re doing it the right way.

“My hope is that once everything is a well-oiled machine, we can move forward and do other things.’’

Well oiled? Try well sauced and well smoked. Neubert’s Thursday night Q at Burger Bar matches up against any in South Florida – and makes Thursday nights something to talk about.


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