A Moke makes driving fun in South Florida

There are a lot of great automobiles around Palm Beach island and Palm Beach County. Bentleys, Jags, Lamborghinis, and Maserati’s are common sites on the island and in some posh golf communities.

The coolest way to get around Palm Beach island and environs these days, however, is in a Moke, an electric-powered vehicle that is a street legal on roads up to 35 miles per hour, customizable and a great alternative to the golf cars many residents dive around the Island and various other locales.

“You can do all kinds of fun stuff with them,’’ Jason Rosenzweig told me as we tooled around Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach one recent sunny afternoon. “They are a sturdier alternative to a golf car and some in different color tops and roll bars.’’

Rosenzweig’s Palm Beach Garage, which houses, repairs and restores high-end luxury cars, is the only authorized Mole dealer in Palm Beach County.


Quiet, comfortable and easy to drive and park, a stock Moke, Rosenzweig said, costs just under $16,000. A custom version, depending on the bells and whistles, generally runs $17,000. Each Moke body is made in China, Rosenzweig said, is assembled in Sarasota, featuring American-made glass and batteries.

Currently Rosenzweig keeps several Moke’s in stock as “impulse’’ buys and is considering putting together a rental fleet. Each Moke can get up to 25 miles per hour and go 40 miles on an eight-hour battery charge.

“If you need a second or third car, or just something to drive around Palm Beach, go to the beach or into town, these are kind of cool,’’ Rosenzweig said. “People really love them.’’

What’s not to love?

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