Dustin Johnson breaks ground on Golf Performance Center in Myrtle Beach

Dustin Johnson, the world’s top-ranked golfer, has returned to TPC Myrtle Beach to break ground on the Dustin Johnson Golf Performance Center. Construction on the 3,100-square foot building will be complete by Memorial Day, and the facility will serve as the home for the Dustin Johnson Golf School and the Dustin Johnson Foundation.

The Dustin Johnson Foundation was founded with the primary focus of promoting and supporting youth and college golf programs, reflecting Johnson’s appreciation for the programs he credits for his development.

Dustin Johnson (center) helps break ground on new golf school at TPC Myrtle Beach

“To bring this Performance Center to my hometown and be able to give golfers a competitive edge is exciting,” said Johnson, a 17-time PGA Tour winner and 2016 U.S. Open Champion. “We haven’t held anything back in the design because we want to give the Golf School students and Foundation scholars the opportunity to learn the game, no matter what level they are when they start here. That’s important to me, and it’s also important that they get the very best when they’re learning.”

“When the Dustin Johnson Golf Performance Center is complete, we will be able to teach every day in a facility that was built with one thing in mind: helping golfers improve their game,” said Allen Terrell, Director of Coaching at the Dustin Johnson Golf School. “Dustin’s commitment to the Golf School has been unwavering since we started, and with his support, all of the golfers will have access to the same technology and fundamentals that he uses while competing on Tour. We couldn’t be more excited about showcasing them within our new state-of-the-art facility.”

The new building will have three indoor hitting bays, three covered hitting areas, a fitness center, and room to provide instructional seminars. The Performance Center will also feature TrackMan, AimPoint and MySwing 3D Technology, allowing students to better understand their game.  

The groundbreaking ceremony coincided with the beginning of the 3rd annual Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship.


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