Galley restaurant at Hilton West Palm Beach blends visual and culinary arts

Following a highly-anticipated re-design, Galley, a global restaurant blending visual and culinary arts, has re-opened at the Hilton West Palm Beach. Located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach’s emerging cultural district, the mid-century modern designed restaurant features bold flavors through its new menu, mixology bar, pizza oven and wood-fire master grill, paired with a contemporary art collection curated by Related and Eaton Fine Art.


The restaurant’s walls are lined with novelties such as a vintage album design by Robert Rauschenberg, Warhol vs. Basquiat poster, totemic posts carved in Cameroon by Tucker Robbins and works from local artists including Brenda Haim, Megan James and Christina Cernik. Galley also features refurbished pieces from old ships including oversized wall art made from recycled buoys and vintage wooden mirrors.

The flows beyond the dining room and into the kitchen with a mosaic-tiled Marra Forni pizza oven and oversized robata grill.  The open-air terrace offers an alfresco respite with an expansive fire pit.

“The artwork on display throughout the hotel and in Galley comes from every corner of the world and the dishes and drinks we serve reflect that global influence,” said John L. Parkinson, general manager. “Locals and visitors alike are blown away by this level of creative food and artistic character in a Hilton.”

Galley’s new menu has farm-to-table cuisine infused with global flavors. Its signature dishes include a selection of international shared plates, local mushroom pizza, grilled lamb chops bathed in a mint and jalapeño chutney, wood-fired Tomahawk steaks and mouth-watering Scottish salmon.

The culinary team’s forward-thinking style provides an interactive experience for guests, including potted herbs at each table for DIY seasoning. The revamped menu showcases the best dishes of the season through partnerships with local farms.

Galley’s cocktail menu features JP’s Rum Runner made with locally produced Island Company Rum, Galley’s Pisco Sour, which uses a bitter ‘spray’ to achieve its unique design, and the aptly-named G.O.P.A.L. blending gin, orange marmalade, pure cane, aromatics, and lemon.

The innovative tableside cocktails offer a personalized approach to mixology including the Smoked Old Fashioned, which is presented in a smoking globe at the table.

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